Our Favorite Coffee Shops in Columbia, SC — Top 3 (2019)

Cole Connor
8 min readAug 1, 2019


Let’s talk coffee. I’m a coffee lover. I’m still not hardcore enough to drink black coffee, BUT everything else, I love. It all started back at 13 years old when I got up early in the morning to fish with my pops. Coffee made me feel like an adult.

Around 23, coffee became more of a crutch than a pleasure.

I started the business and along with that came not only having 2 cups in the morning, but also two cups in the evening :0. I could not stay awake and work without it. It may be one of the reasons I was able to grow. Debatable?

Dialing back a bit, at 26, coffee has become much more of a pleasure. I am no connoisseur, but I enjoy it. Mochas. Cappuccinos. Lattes. Espresso shakes. Macchiatos. You name it. I really enjoy people-watching and coffee-drinking. So naturally, my thing is…… COFFEE SHOPS.

As an entrepreneurs and artists, we (BOWGO) take coffee shops super serious. Living in Columbia, SC for going on 6 years, I feel like I’ve witnessed a huge uprising of them, and I could not be more excited!! So let’s break it down. I feel a longer list coming, but for now, here are our three favorite coffee shops in Columbia, South Carolina.