Yet another time in my life, at 28 years old, I realize I am unhappy with my life path.

Often I find myself diving into new ventures (most recently being a real estate agent) with the hopes of making enough money to fuel my millions of creative ideas swimming in my artist’s brain. And just as often, I am bombarded with overwhelming feelings of discontent with the way the cookie crumbles.

Call it the journey. Call it my progress. I know I want to create full-time, yet I feel constantly stuck in the drudgery quicksand of building businesses that I…

Being in the music industry for around 10 years, I have tried a mirage of marketing tactics in an attempt to MAKE IT in this world.

I’ve seen different waves of social media and advertising transform dramatically. I started with MySpace messaging people then moved to handing out flyers, reaching out to blogs etc, and these days I’m constantly studying the ever changing advertising opportunities from Facebook Ads, Playlisting, IG Promotion, YouTube Ads and just leveraging content / virality in general.

I could go on and on about all the success and fails over the years, but today, I…

Q’s Chicken Shack — Beaufort, SC — Best Chicken Sandwich

It’s official. I’ve closed on my first transaction as a real estate agent. There we go!!!

So naturally the next step was to grab a celebratory lunch.

Mom: Do you want Japanese?

Cole: Hm, sure! Whatever you want!

Mom: okay, just follow me!

*Drives across the bridge in Beaufort, SC, Mom pulls into Q’s Chicken Shack. 😂

She gets out the car laughing because she couldn’t resist! Luckily, we made it in just before the lunch rush. This is the cutest little place! We sat inside because in Beaufort this is the time of the year of the infamous Noseeums ;)

If you are any sort of side hustler or entrepreneur, you most likely have considered getting your real estate license at some point. I mean even if you aren’t, especially with how 2020 was, you’ve probably considered every route to diversify your income.

After doing 5+ years of real estate marketing, I finally buckled down and made the decision to get my own…in July of 2020. By February of 2021, I became officially licensed. 8 days later and I went under contract on my first deal. The point being it took upwards of 7 months… WHAT???

Okay, honestly, it…

Well, my first week as a real estate agent in Beaufort, South Carolina is officially complete. It’s just all been very overwhelming and the word of the week is definitely… TIRED..

Your best bet is to watch the video for these vlogs, but let’s chat about it real quick.

The Hardest Part

The hardest part right now is definitely juggling everything. I’m trying to run a photo/video business, learn and utilize ALL of the amazing resources that eXp & Team Kasia offer, AND actually implement a strategy to begin to gain clients. I’m learning digitally and by going out and doing different…

As a 27 year old business owner, being late on rent isn’t something you want to happen. Well, no one really wants to be late paying rent. It’s scary when the first of the month comes around, and you really don’t know what you are going to do.

Being a self-employed entrepreneur, I deal with the idea of “where is this money going to come from?” quite frequently. I remember just a few months ago I was so stoked because I was $1000 short of rent on the 1st, and SOMEHOW the money came to me by the 5th. The…

In this video and blog, I break down how to design a YouTube video thumbnail for FREE in 2021 with CANVA. I use Canva for all of my YouTube Thumbnail designs. It’s just SOOO much easier + you get ideas from their templates

Try Canva Pro for FREE at my link here.

Designing a GREAT thumbnail for YouTube can be SUPER overwhelming at first. I mean, you can just take a look at some of my thumbnails from 2 years ago on the channel to see how much a thumbnail matters.

First let’s break down the sizing dimensions etc…

(for those who like to hear me talk)

After being a self employed creative for the past 4+ years,

I’m finally taking everything I’ve learned and implementing a strategy to diversify my income, teach what I know and make money off the value I can give through my personal brand.

Five years in the game has allowed me to acquire a particular set of skills (liam neeson style) that give me the ability to make money a minimum of 10 different ways. …

(for those who prefer to watch me ramble)

I think we can all admit 2020 was an interesting year to say the least. Hopefully with the worst behind us, we can look forward to a successful and promising 2021.

I spent the latter end of 2020 studying up on my real estate knowledge and brushing off my marketing skills in hopes that I can help myself and in turn help you. Today, I want talk about not only what I plan to do in 2021 to build my brand, but also what I think you can do to build yours…

Cole Connor

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